You won’t believe where I shop for wedding supplies

Friends, I have a confession to make… I used to be horrified by offbeat weddings. Years ago I had friends that were getting married and I found out that they wanted to incorporate some very geeky elements into their wedding. They created these ridiculous things they wore on their heads during the ceremony and I just couldn’t believe they wanted it as part of their wedding. At the time I thought it was so tacky.

Fast forward to last summer where I found myself working on a nerdy nuptials wedding theme. Our couple loved Pokémon, Harry Potter, Batman, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, you name it! This time around I embraced it all and I have to say it was one of the most fun weddings I have worked on thus far. 

Photo Credit: Snapshots Portrait

Photo Credit: Snapshots Portrait

A lot of crafting went into this wedding and my most beloved piece was the Dr. Who Tardis doors that my husband helped build (okay so he pretty much built the whole thing. However, I did help mostly with the painting and directing). Not only did it make for a fun entrance for the bride, but it also made a great backdrop for photos after the ceremony.  

We also wanted the Tardis doors to be a surprise for our couple which means the cost to build it was coming out of our pockets. So what does any resourceful planner (and her partners) do? We headed to one of my favorite places to find materials on a budget at the Habitat for Humanity Store.  Everything except for the paint & screws were purchased there. My favorite find was the glass from an old light that we used at the top.

Photo Credit: Snapshots Portrait

Photo Credit: Snapshots Portrait

Currently I’m working on a Steam Punk wedding design along with my friend Amber who happens to be an officiant and runs her own business called Celebrations by Amber. She and I often work together on weddings and that’s how I came to name my business B&Co. Weddings because it takes a team to provide the level of service our couples deserve on their big day. Back to the Steam Punk wedding design we’re working on for the Kitsap Wedding Tour we’re both a part of that’s happening on October 9, 2016. We were on the hunt for some specific elements for our design so we headed back to the Habitat for Humanity Store and found some really cool items that I’ll share with you in a later blog post.

We also may have a potential client as well because when the gentleman who helped us asked what we were using the items for I said I wasn’t sure yet and went on to explain what we were doing and it turns out he’s been thinking about proposing to his girlfriend soon.

Wedding supplies and potential clients, why wouldn’t you utilize the Habitat for Humanity Store?


*this post is in no way affiliated with the Habitat for Humanity Store, I just really enjoy thinking outside of the box when it comes to design projects


life is a celebration from the smallest detail to the grandest event

Hello Friends!

I'm Nicole and it's so nice to (virtually) meet you. I'm a wedding planner by day and a (newbie) party blogger by night. I love my job helping couples on their big day, but a piece of me needed a creative outlet. Before my days of coordinating weddings I use to put together theme parties for children. It's something that I really enjoyed doing. I was free to be creative and I got to shop for decor. One of my favorite things to do!  I still get hired to put together a children's party from time to time. However, weddings are more in line with my path to owning and operating an event venue. 

At one time in my life I thought I wanted to run a Bed and Breakfast. Then I realized I only wanted to own a B&B so that I could host my own events. What can I say I love being a hostess and so the idea to open an event venue was born. 

In the meantime I wanted to create a place where I can share what inspires me and put together some ideas and tips to help inspire you. This is also a place for me to share the parties, events, and weddings that I'm working on. 

I hope to hear from you and see what you have been celebrating in your life because after all life is a celebration from the smallest detail to the grandest event!